Shine Your Light._

Got what it takes as an Influencer? Team your talent with ours.

The importance of Influencers in the digital age is changing the way brands behave, and we work hard to make sure brands, Influencers and audiences all benefit from this in the new era of communications.

We work with Influencers to make magic for brands. Except it’s not magic, it’s a combination of the right fit and the right strategy.


Influencer Network (Non-Exclusive)_

Being part of our Network means we will consider you for jobs and campaigns that align with your interests and platforms.

As a boutique agency, our team is able to give you personal attention and we value close relationships with Influencers in our Network.

Working on a non-exclusive basis within our Network gives you greater flexibility and you are free to work with other agencies and brands as long as there is no conflict with an existing booking.

We recommend this option to Influencers with resources at their disposal to manage their Influencer activity.

Get in Touch_

Sabir Samtani
+ 61 433 182 950

Level 1 / 46 – 52 Meagher Street,
Chippendale NSW 2008

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